Drive-thru to the future with our NEW ITMs!

Interactive Teller Machines are open 7am-7pm weekdays and are currently live at 501 W. Main, 2002 N Arkansas, 3103 East Main, Ola, and 3732 N. Investment Drive Fayetteville. Drive-thru today and experience innovation with personality.

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Security Awareness

Each year more and more Americans have their identity stolen and the staff and management of
First State Bank want to give you the information you need to help protect yourself against ID theft.
While we cannot guarantee that your ID will never be stolen we will NEVER request personal information
by email or text messaging including account numbers, passwords, personal identification information or
any other confidential customer information.
Fraudulent emails may be designed to appear as though they are originated by First State Bank. Do not
respond to any email communications which request any type of personal or confidential information and
do not click any links listed in such email.
If you contact us we may verify the last 4 digits of your SSN to confirm your identity but we will never contact you and ask for your debit/credit card number or your full SSN. If we need to contact you, it will always be done in a manner that protects your personal, confidential information and we will clearly identify ourselves. One of First State Bank's top priorities is to safeguard YOUR confidential information and our staff works diligently to do so.